About Innopharma

INNOPHARMA is a Galician initiative for early drug discovery that provides technological support to boost the pharmaceutical area in Galicia, transferring the academic know-how to drug discovery programs. It is a pharmacogenomic knowledge-based research platform, which combines the capabilities of the genotyping and the drug discovery screening platforms at the University of Santiago de Compostela, leaded by Dr Ángel Carracedo and Dra Mabel Loza. The goal of Innopharma is to bridge the gap between basic research in new therapeutic mechanisms and industrial application, by adding value to scientific knowledge and transfer it to early drug discovery projects.

This initiative is based in 3 pillars:

  1. An open innovation pharmacogenomics platform with high capacity infrastructures running on industrial standards.
  2. Continued development of a privileged chemical library to identify hits on candidate targets/pathways and an extensive platform of biological assays for high capacity screening in efficacy and safety assays.
  3. Application of above capabilities to innovative programs in early drug discovery.

What does Innopharma offers?


INNOPHARMA brings to selected programs:

  • High capacity infrastructures and use of industrial standards in open innovation processes.
  • Experience and capabilities for:
    • Validation of new therapeutic targets.
    • Assay development and high throughput screening.
    • Use of compound libraries to find hits against candidate targets/pathways, including molecules with chemical and biological diversity, drugs for repurposing and exclusive compounds biologically annotated.
    • Identification of new chemical entities and their optimization to reach preclinical and clinical development.
    • New translational models for in vitro efficacy tests and safety panels.
  • Publications in high-impact scientific journals.
  • Shared intellectual property.
  • Joint projects with other national and international public/private groups.

The purpose of this Innopharma call is to contribute to the development and technology transfer of selected projects.

Project selection timeline

Project selection timeline