Guide to applicants

Innopharma can help you to achieve your goal if your research has potential therapeutic applications or is likely to lead to new treatments and / or diagnostics.

Phase I. Submission of expression of interest.

Research groups interested in participating in this call may contact Innopharma covering the Expression of Interest form on the website. The first call for EoI will be open from 1st till October 31st , 2013, although the call will be continuously open for proposals.

The Expressions of Interest will be peer-reviewed by an expert committee (created ad hoc) using the following criteria:

  • Level of innovation (measured, among other factors, by its ability to generate intellectual property).
  • Potential of transfer to markets or industrial partners.
  • Degree of progress of the project in the value chain (transfer distance to market)

The status and process conditions of each Expression of Interest submitted will be communicated to the principal investigator.

All information will be treated by Innopharma based on this agreement.   legal framework

Phase II. Submission of full proposal

After selecting of Expressions of Interest, projects will be studied in detail from different points of view (innovation, competitive situation, intellectual property, transfer potential, resources, etc..). At this time, a detailed plan containing all the project information will be developed. The elaboration of this document will be a collaborative process between Innopharma and applicant research group, with the advise of experts if necessary.

Subsequently, the complete project will be subject to external evaluation by a board of scientific advisors, experts in business development and intellectual property.

Phase III. Start of projects.

The starting date of the projects is in January 15th, 2014, once the final round of evaluation and selection ends.

What type of projects is Innopharma seeking?

Innopharma seeks projects for discovery and / or development of new therapeutics in collaboration with academic research groups, public research organizations and non-profit foundations.

The candidate projects must rely on Innopharma platform for their valorisation and fit into a shared intellectual property model.

What type of research projects are supported?

Projects must be related to early drug discovery. Examples of the type of research that could be eligible for Innopharma:

  • Target identification and validation.
  • Test small molecules to predict their effectiveness and their potential therapeutic use.
  • Design and synthesis of small molecules with affinity for certain targets.
  • Development of miniaturized assays for HTS.
  • Design of screening cascades to preclinical candidate.