Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

1. Who can participate?

Academic research groups, public research organizations and non-profit foundations with the possibility of sharing intellectual property and relying on the Innopharma platform for its valorisation.

2. What kind of projects can apply to this call?
  • Screening of candidate drugs, identification and validation of new therapeutic targets.
  • Small molecules assays to predict their efficacy and potential therapeutic indications.
  • Design and synthesis of small molecules with affinity for targets of interest.
  • Development of miniaturized assays for HTS.
  • Design of screening cascades to preclinical candidates.
3. How is the application process?

Applicants must submit the Expression of Interest form through Innopharma website to provide a preliminary overview of the project.

4. When is the deadline to submit a Expression of Interest form?

First call for EOIs from public institutions or research groups will be open between October 1st and 31st, although the submitting period will be continuously open for proposals.

5. How will the evaluation and selection of the projects be carried on?

Evaluation and selection criteria are based on:

    • Level of innovation (measured, for instance, as the capacity for generating intellectual property).
    • Potential for transference to markets or industrial partners
    • Degree of progress of the project in the chain of value.

Project proposals will be evaluated by a Scientific Committee designated by Innopharma, which includes external advisors, as well as experts in business plans and intellectual property development.

6. When will be evaluated the Expresión of Interest Forms?

Evaluation of pre-proposal will be done between October 15th and November 10th 2013.

7. How can I know the status of a submitted project?

The status and process conditions of each Expression of Interest submitted will be communicated to the principal investigator.

8. If a project is selected, what is the next step?

If a project is selected, the next step will be presenting a full-proposal that details all the contents of the project. The elaboration of this document will be done until first week of December 2013, in a collaborative process between Innopharma and applicant research group, with the help of experts whenever necessary. Therefore, a new evaluation and selection process by an external Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) will determine the selected projects.

9. When should I expect to hear the outcome of this first call?

Selected projects will be known by the second week of January 2014.